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 Websites are a form of creative expression that couple the required technical skill, with the more important creative vision, because even the most comprehensive website won't be used without good design. Our interest in acheiving this balance is to offer it as a service, and use it as an art-form.

webWeb Publishing

  • Responsive Mobile & Tablet Friendly Design
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Social Media Integration
  • In-Context Edibility
  • Streaming Video 
  • Interactive Photo Galleries
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • We Proudly Use CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, & Concrete5

Unlike many design firms factory-like process, Widabi works with each client individually to produce a truly representative, functional website that is of the quality you demand. We have passion in the process, and the product shows it. 

As you already know, browsing the internet on mobile devices is growing very popular. Thats why Widabi creates websites for every screen size, from the biggest studio monitor right down to the mobile device in your pocket. Go Ahead... try it out by resizing your browser window.
Featured Web Project
Western Sierra Medical Clinic


 Its been said that design transcends to every medium. Let our professional inspired design services transform your content to stand out while preserving its ability to communicate your message clearly and with ease.

webInspired Design

  • From Business Cards to Restaurant Menus
  • Promotional Material & Event Invitations
  • CD & DVD Design 
  • Budget Friendly Design Services that Save You Time
  • Posters & Banners 
  • Custom HTML E-mails
  • and much more...

We know its hard enough creating and organizing content. Whether its posters and banners or html emails, leave it to our design team to make it pop, and put your saved time and energy where it matters most. 


Widabi's design services reach far beyond our websites. Had the same business card for awhile?  Interested in printing some promotional material? Let us refresh your existing design or come up with something that will wow your readers, all without burning a hole in your pocket book.

Featured Design Project
Gesundheit Institute


Although many advertising methods have changed dramatically over the past several years the concept remains the same; to reach your target audience and turn their eyes and mind to you. Our professional photo and video services do just that, not to mention our years of experience with social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter.


  • Social Media Management
  • Creative Advertising Approach
  • Custom Promotional Material 
  • On-Location Professional Photography
  • Video Services
  • and much more...
Facebook Questions? We Can Help.
Using social media as a tool for your organization or business has evolved dramatically since its creation in 2004, and Widabi has been there every step of the way. Let us answer your questions and explain its possibilities.  
We'll write creative posts, create interesting graphics, and even shoot great photographs to make your presence on social media sites stand out and be noticed. Use it to drive traffic to your website, get the word out about promotions or events, and watch as your posts get reach people you'd never expect.
Get Noticed.

We've worked with bike stores to non-profits, providing services to expand their mission, and get noticed. With the constant over-stimulation of visual media targeted to consumers today it can be tiresome to do just that. At Widabi we offer the tools you need to make it easy, including professional on-location photography & video services, as well as a creative advertising approach you won't find anywhere else. 

Featured Advertising Project
School for Designing a Society


Creating your representative, unique brand that effectively differentiates your product or service from others is one of the most overlooked aspects of the industry, and perhaps one of your most valuable assets.

web Brand Identity

  • Hand Drawn Pen & Paper Process
  • Multiple Renditions & Versions
  • Client Questionnaire
  • Logo isn't finished until you're satisfied
  • Brand Integration into Existing Material
  • and much more...
hand-drawn logos

While creating your new logo our team goes back to the drawing board... literally. Prepared to be presented with multiple hand-drawn renditions of your new logo, now if only you could choose which one you like best...


We start from point A; from square One to determine fundamentals about your brand before any work begins. This includes covering things like your mission, target audience, and more in our Client Questionnaire.


We keep persistent until your satisfied with the results and then get busy at creating a flow of design between all mediums. Because your brand should be identified by just a simple glance, wherever and whenever its seen.

Featured Brand Project