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Gesundheit's New Website

Posted by   admin on    September 6, 2014


After months of hard work in collaboration with Idea Marketing Group based out of Chicago, the fresh, new website for Patch Adams & the Gesundheit Institute is finally complete!

Between the almost 60,000 member database, over 50 pages of content, and needs like event registration, donor tracking, and paypal integration, this site was no easy task. 

We transitioned the site from its platform on Drupal over to Wordpress. This switch alone is a huge improvement for productivity and workflow. Drupal has its strengths, but they lay mostly on the developers side, for ease of use with the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and backend of the Content Management System (CMS) my vote goes with Wordpress. We are keeping with the same database system for now but are thinking about upgrading that as well to a popular one for non-profits named NeonCRM

The other exciting news about the new website, its fully responsive! Similar to Widabi's website, no matter what screen size you view the website on, it will reformat itself with a "liquid" layout so you can view the information as easily as on your big desktop monitor. 

Check out the site here if you haven't already. (Try re-sizing your browser window when you get there)

Next step will be refining the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for each page as well as adding in a few more sections of content as time moves on including Staff Bios, Library Database, Blogging, and possibly a Press section. 

Great to have this site transition done and thanks again to Idea for all their hard-work on the site.